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Mary and Lauren met at Paul Mitchell the School- Chicago, and quickly became best friends. Both grew up having a passion for the beauty industry and while in school had always visualized one day teaming up and opening their own space they could call home.


They both worked at local salons in the Beverly neighborhood for the next five years. Finally in 2017 after long discussions, they decided to manifest their dreams and make them a reality. Construction started at the old hat shop, Optimo Hats, at 10215 S Western in February of 2017. Marlo Salon was created and opened its doors that April.


Since opening, Marlo Salon has been a bright, positive oasis for its clients and staff to escape to.  They wanted to create a warm atmosphere to make everyone feel their most comfortable and beautiful self. 

"We are truly grateful for where we are, where we've been and even more excited for where we're going!"


xX Mary and Lauren 

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